Founded in 1972 by Phil Price, The Price Group has steadily grown to be a highly-respected and successful organization. While outstanding creative execution and marketing strategies have been the hallmark of The Price Group’s resumé, forming lasting partnerships with our clients has proven to be the key to long-term success. Along with early recognition of the value of revolutions like desktop publishing and strategic branding, we’ve accurately predicted which trends became a flash in the pan and which have had staying power. The Price Group has consistently combined the best techniques with the best minds to generate the highest quality work. Being successful for more than 40 years has meant working with a diverse array of clients. From traditional advertisers like hospitals, banks and car dealers to more specialized clients like casinos, DNA manufacturers, senior living and higher education institutions, The Price Group uses the experience gained from past success to guide us as we create solutions for your particular needs. TPG’s mission is to consistently provide results-driven strategic solutions, delivered through kick-ass creative in an environment of confidence, excitement, altruism and integrity.


Running a great agency involves more than just client projects. Check out our list of internal and volunteer programs to see another side of TPG.
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