Official Mascot/Top Dog

“When I am not fetching results I am--squirrell”
Specialties: Pointer (of the obvious) 
Favorite expression: Squirrell! 
Drink of choice: A Salty Dog (of course) or anything that comes out of a garden hose 
Never seen without: My stars 
Someday I will go to: The Dog House.  But not until I've fetched the ultimate result.  Whatever that might be. 
Super Power: Standing really still
Slightly addicted to: Sniffing butts.  Hey, I'm a dog. 
Dislikes the word: Dawg. C'mon, people! 
Special talent: Listening 
Enjoys spending time: Squirrelling! 
Favorite Music Genre:  Snoop Dogg 
Favorite place:  In the TPG foyer, saying hello to all our--squirrell!