Crystal Coppedge
Crystal Coppedge

Account Manager

“When I am not at work I am at Bingo with friends (who share the same obsession).”
Specialties: I am a super cool Aunt and a loyal friend 
Favorite expression: Let your hair down… Sometimes it’s a reminder for me to just relax. 
Drink of choice: Iced Tea or the Lubbock signature drink a “Chilton" 
Never seen without: My purse?? 
Someday I will go to: The Bahamas 
Super Power: I will toot my own horn, I am a pretty great cook. 
Slightly addicted to: BINGO 
Dislikes the word: Bae or Boo, I never jumped on that train. 
Special talent: I love to try new projects on Pinterest, not sure it is a talent, but I sure do love to give it a try. 
Enjoys spending time: With Friends and Family 
Favorite Music Genre:  I am a lover of most music, can’t pick just one. 
Favorite place:  In the comfort of my own home.
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