Jared May
Jared May

Motion Graphics Specialist

“When I am not stroking the strings, I am tickling the ivories.”
Specializes in: Ninjitsu, fluently speaking 26.4 different languages & fabricating specialties
Favorite expression: "Do, or do not. There is no try"
Drink of choice: Cream Soda & Glenlivit (never at the same time of course) 
Never seen without: Glasses, Contacts or 20/20 Vision (otherwise I'd be pretty blurry)
Dream travel destination: EuroDisney, New York, Tatooine 
Super Power: The ability to read my own mind
Slightly addicted to: Bad TV & Good music
Dislikes the word: "Fine"
Special talent: Writing songs with choruses that start on the 4 chord
Enjoys spending time: Honing Jedi skills 
in Dagobah
Favorite Song/Genre: YES?
Favorite Place/ Can be found: Flight 815
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