Scott Zajicek
Scott Zajicek

Shareholder, Vice President
Creative Director

“When I am not at work, I am busy doing something else.”
Specialties: Broadcast 
Favorite expression: a smile 
Drink of choice: any dark beer with the caloric value of a full-meal replacementNever seen without: clothes 
Someday he will go to: a monastery where all the monks have taken a vow a silence and spend their days brewing dark beer and making stinky cheese 
Super Power: After being bitten by a radioactive politician I have developed the ability to withstand high concentrations of BS that would kill a normal human 
Slightly addicted to: FRESH Reese’s Peanut Butter cups (don’t get me started) 
Dislikes the word: I started out as a copywriter – all words are equal in God’s eyes (unless you’re playing Scrabble) 
Special talent:
 the ability to withstand high concentrations of B.....well...we’ve already gone over that. Are you even paying attention to me? 
Enjoys spending time: frugally – there never seems to be enough 
Favorite Song/Genre: I’m a musician so I enjoy all music with the possible exception of all the bad music 
Favorite Place: anyplace with no cell phone reception
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