Pam Sharpe
Pam Sharpe

Shareholder, COO
Media Director

“When I am not sleeping, I am constantly doing things around the house.”
“Life is a journey and people are the road map to fulfillment.”
Specialties: Budget Planning and Media Recommendations and Placement for TPG clients
Favorite expression: “Way to Go”
Drink of choice: red wine
Never seen without: A smile
Someday she will go to: Italy, Austria and Switzerland to explore all there is to offer
Super Power: Ability to read people
Slightly addicted to: The tv show Castle
Dislikes the word: “Can’t”
Special talent: Listening
Enjoys spending time: Activities with friends that revolve around wine or slot machines!!
Favorite Music Genre: Pop Music. I especially like the new song by Gotye, “Somebody that I used to love”
Favorite place: On my patio at home enjoying the garden
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