Chris Rios

Shareholder, Art Director

“When I'm not working, I'm participating in dance battles on stage in Juarez.”
Specialties: Bridging chaos and calm 
Favorite expression: I know that cat, he's good people.
Drink of choice: Besos Calientes
Never seen without: My Goorin 
Someday he will go (back) to: Okinawa, Japan
Super Power: Ability to see the beauty in others, that they have yet to see in themselves 
Slightly addicted to: Tacos al Pastor 
Dislikes the word: Boring 
Special talent:
 Being a chameleon 
Enjoys spending time: Creating laughter 
Favorite Song/Genre: JAZZ (Hard Bop) 
Favorite Place: The Jazz club in my mind. Where Billie, Miles, Etta, Chet, Coltrane and Thelonius are jammin' nightly
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