Rebecca Fuller

Senior Designer

“When I'm not in 78° weather, I'm dreaming of 78°...on the beach.”
Specialties: I love creating visual art of any kind - print, web, interactive, animation, video, photography, painting… Name it.
Favorite expression: Be the change you wish to see in the world.
Drink of choice: Strawberry lemonade.
Never seen without: My grandfather's sense of humor. I see humor opportunities everywhere. 
Someday I will: Travel the world with a backpack, SLR, and my dog - making documentaries of interesting things and people. 
Superpower: Curiosity and an insatiable desire to learn new things. 
Slightly addicted to: Great stories, adventure, music, photography and the outdoors. 
Dislikes: Cheesy commercials/jingles. They make my ears bleed. (*insert shameless PG plug) 
Special talent: I was once told I had the best one-liners. I hold that badge with honor. I also love to sing!
Enjoys spending time: With friends and family. 
Favorite music genre: Yes.
Favorite place: There's no place like home
…or a hammock on the beach.
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