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Free-standing emergency rooms are becoming more common as an alternative to hospital ERs. Uncomfortable environments, long wait times and overworked staff are just some of the negatives a free-standing ER can overcome. West Texas ER and My ER are a start-up company owned by a group of physicians with locations in Lubbock and San Angelo.

Educate the public to the differences between a free-standing ER and an urgent care clinic, inform them of the advantages over a traditional ER, and announce the opening of these new alternatives. The client set a minimum patient-per-day goal in order to maintain operations.

TPG chose direct mail, directional outdoor and radio as the most cost-effective methods to reach the public initially. The campaign focused on the main benefits of this new emergency room alternative (24-hour availability, shorter wait times, more concierge-like treatment).

Within the first month, both locations had reached their minimum patient requirements and within 3 months were running at optimal capacity. The successful launch of these operations inspired associate physicians to open 2 new locations in Amarillo and use TPG as their agency.