Caprock & Orlando's
Caprock Cafe, Orlando's

Caprock Cafe & Orlando’s Restaurant

Caprock Cafe and Orlando’s Italian are locally-owned restaurants in the Lubbock area. The Price Group has been their agency of record since 1987.

Communicate the quality of food and atmosphere to specific target audiences in order to drive traffic. 

The Price Group has recommended multiple strategies over the years, starting with small but impactful media budgets and overall brand/creative strategies to make an impact in a market flooded with restaurants. Over the years, media exposure has grown, but the key has always been consistency. Digital advertising has shown to be a cost-effective and very trackable medium, allowing very specific messaging to be highly targeted.

Since working with The Price Group, Caprock and Orlando’s restaurants have seen a combined average 19% annual increase in sales and are firmly planted as excellent options for Lubbock diners.